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An uncompromising focus on excellence and an unrestrained dedication in everything we do. That is what makes us, Orange Wheels, the best in the industry. The best indoor kids play area in UAE. Four eventful years and tens of thousands of happy customers behind us and we still strive to make your experience more wholesome and memorable. We do this through the power of play.

Orange Wheels has created an ideal environment for children to play, discover and create. What makes our centres unique is that all this happens under the close monitoring of parents. Our café is strategically located in such a way that parents can watch their children play and move around the facility. Orange Wheels is designed as much keeping parents in mind as well as children. We offer a place for parents, especially moms, to relax, catch up with friends and indulge in excellent range of beverages and some tasty treats while their children are playing.

Our facilities are run by excellent staff who are equally focused on the learning and safety of your child. We are also an excellent party destination – be it birthday parties, play dates or a simple family get-together. We have an exciting variety of decorative options and can create a party venue as per your unique requirements.


Opening Times (Al Wahda Mall, Al Raha Mall, Town Centre Jumeirah)

Open daily from 10-9pm




Being the best indoor play area in Abu Dhabi, our prime branch was established in the year 2016 at Al Wahda Mall, an iconic landmark and super-regional shopping destination in the heart of Abu Dhabi city. The dynamic creative center offers an incredibly amusing space where the children can move freely and play in a comfortable and relaxing space to enhance their physical growth and mental development. The venue is very popular amongst families, which inspired us to expand reach through the launch of our second location at Al-Raha Mall.