To foster a world of happy, creative minds!

Children are inherently wired for play, finding joy in engaging activities that spark curiosity and amusement. At Orange Wheels, we believe in transcending traditional learning methods. Learning is a continuous process, occurring as children interact with their surroundings. Our approach combines play, discovery, and creation to provide a comprehensive edutainment experience.



At Orange Wheels, your children will always find our playmates to be friendly, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in all things play. Our experts excel in rhymes, games, and much more. They are always ready with a story, a joke, or a song to share. Our playmates are the heart of Orange Wheels, making it a place where fun and learning go hand in hand. 



Every child should have the freedom to run, jump, and lead without fear holding them back. That's why we've made every effort to ensure Orange Wheels is the safest place for your kids to develop their motor skills and be the free-range children they want to be! Our Chief Safety Officer, Sol, and his team, along with our play designers, have ensured that fun never comes at the cost of safety. 



Our dedicated hygiene team works around the clock to ensure that Orange Wheels is always clean and hygienic, so you never have to worry and your kids can enjoy every visit to the fullest. In addition to multiple rounds of cleaning throughout the day, our hygiene team also conducts deep cleaning sessions regularly, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness are always maintained.