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A celebration of play and the perfect experience for your kids!

Orange Wheels is a fun-filled, one-stop indoor edutainment venue for kids. The evolutionary concept aims at the overall development of kids through a series of activities like physical play, music, dance, arts & craft .

A safe and nurturing environment where children between the ages of 0 and 10 can play, create and discover a world of adventure. Our focus is on providing a safe, clean and stimulating space for children to explore to their hearts content.

Kids are wired to play. They are happy when they can use their abundant energies on engaging activities. Their curiosity and amusement should always be addressed and satisfied. However, the confusion is over how best to do this.

We at Orange Wheels believe that learning goes beyond schooling. It is a continuous process and it happens when children interact with their environment. It is a blend of playing, discovering and creating. Our play areas, games and activities are designed for a wholesome edutainment experience. It caters to the varied and ever-changing interests of children and creates an environment when they can freely give wings to their imagination and indulge in a continuous and enriching learning experience. This unrestrained and uncontrolled free play facilitated by trained staffs in our centres ensure maximum learning.

Our play areas are divided into different areas keeping in mind the age specific learning requirements and skill development of children. By ensuring children of same age interact in this specific environment, we ensure that they observe, imitate and develop the intended skills.


The soft play structure is a soft padded area designed for children who are confident on their feet or whose height is above 110cm. This section features multi-level mazes, spiral slides, obstacle course, a mini trampoline capsule and a host of games and activities designed to stimulate imagination and intelligence in children.  By interacting with others of similar age, kids understand cultural and social rules, build friendships, share ideas and express their feelings. Soft play during early years is also essential for brain development, better functionality, language and cognitive development.

The other skills that are addressed in the soft play area is developing balance, self-awareness and resilience. And the fact that this section is manned by trained and competent staff ensures that the whole experience is free of pain, fear and confusion.
By moving and playing freely in this safe and secure environment, children develop healthy weight and feel happy when their pent-up energies are expended.


This section does not distinguish children based on their age. Everyone is encouraged to get themselves messy by participating in messy play activities and to explore the world of arts & crafts. We encourage them to be hands-on and creative with various recycled materials, different colors, shapes and textures. This deliberate exposure to objects of different shapes, sizes and textures and by indulging in sensory play, kids touch, feel, pick and handle these objects, developing their fine motor skills.

Their imagination is given wings and they are able to value and appreciate their own creativity and that of others and to reflect and learn from it. Besides developing fine motor skills, this section also focuses on improving hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. Identification of different shapes, colours and textures improves the vocabulary and self-expression without it seeming like a chore or some learning exercise. The relaxed environment helps them to experiment and have fun. It also develops social skills, negotiation skills, decision-making skills and assertiveness.


Children love nature and being out in the open. Sun and fun always go together! We have designed the indoor play section by trying to recreate a natural park. The idea is to instil the same feeling of being in the outdoors. Here children can climb a mountain, crawl through a tunnel and even climb a tree! Just like they would do if they were going camping or just going about exploring the woods.

Being amidst nature, stimulates all the senses. It has also been linked to higher concentration levels and cognitive skill development. It is important to develop this love for nature at an early age. If they can hold on to this love as they grow up, it will be a good exercise for them to take an occasional break and be amid nature. It is the best way to rejuvenate and reenergise oneself. Children who love nature will grow up to be socially responsible citizens and will make environment friendly choices when they grow up.


This play area is specifically designed with the smaller mover in mind. Included in this section are carefully selected challenging games and activities to provide a fun and simulating learning through play experience. This area has toddler slides, ball pool and interactive screens. This area is designed in bright colours and the interactive elements pique the curiosity and interest of the young minds. There is more supervision and support from the staff for this set of activities keeping in mind that the children are yet not stable on their feet and are completely fearless.

The sense of wonder and amazement that children express when they perform a task independently and the small achievements on the way are all rewards for us. We try and keep this curiosity alive and offer direction for them to pursue and interact with the environment. Attention is also given to future milestones like standing up, language, etc. We try to ensure that these are attained easily.


It is by observing adults that children learn things. Unknown to us, kids observe us in fine detail and notices even the smallest of nuances. They try to imitate our actions and use the tools and props that we do. That is how they learn and that is how they grow.

We have dedicated an entire make-believe, mini town mimicking a whole range of grown up activities that fascinate children. Complete with costumes and accessories the O-town replicates real life environment that’s safe and stimulating.

Through roleplay children develop skills to handle social interactions better. The learn decision making skills and can think and act beyond the confines of their normal environment. It helps them to approach situations better and be a problem solver as they progress through life. Also, they develop empathy and are able help others who face the same situation.