Orange Wheels

Soft Play

Let's play! Our awesome soft play area is perfect for little adventurers. Slide down our spiral slides, climb through our multi-level mazes, and conquer our obstacle course! It's a great way to make new friends, use your imagination to create exciting adventures, and grow strong and confident. Our trained playmates is here to make sure it's a fun, safe, and unforgettable experience for all. 

Arts & Crafts

Let's get messy and creative! Join our arts and crafts haven with fun materials like paints, crayons, fluffy slime, and bumpy beads. Make cool crafts, learn new skills, and make friends while sharing ideas. From sparkly masterpieces to wacky sculptures, the possibilities are endless! Come play and discover!

Toddler Play

Crawl, climb, and explore in our amazing toddler play haven! Designed just for little ones, it's filled with soft shapes, cuddly friends, and endless discoveries. This safe, nurturing space supports every stage of development, from wobbly steps to curious climbing adventures. Watch their imaginations soar while they feel happy and secure in our loving environment.

O Town

Step into O Town, a vibrant mini metropolis nestled within Orange Wheels, meticulously designed to cultivate imagination and promote social interactions. It's a dynamic playground where kids can immerse themselves as bakers, grocers, or stylists, honing essential social skills and building friendships while they engage in playful exploration within this lively miniature town.

Drop N Shop

Browse the aisles stress-free, catch up on errands, or enjoy some quiet time, knowing your child is happy and safe in our supervised environment. It's a win-win: your little one gets a stimulating play session, and you get precious "me-time." Our engaging play area is packed with interactive games and activities, perfect for your little explorer to unleash creativity and develop new skills. It's the perfect recipe for a successful shopping trip for the whole family!

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